Original artwork created by Rebecca Emms.

Released May 24, 2013

1. Young Love
2. Sundown
3. Room To Grow
4. Heat Wave
5. Letting Go
6. She's Leaving Home

Young LoveLetting Go & Room to Grow written by Alex Vissia (SOCAN). 

Heat Wave (Holland-Dozier-Holland/Stone Agate Music, EMI); Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot/Moose Music, Early Morning Productions Inc.); She’s Leaving Home (Lennon-McCartney/Sony/ATV Tunes LLC)

The best tracks on Young Love are the ones Alex penned herself; she is a brilliant and thoughtful lyricist. The title track is fantastic; “Letting Go” and “Room to Grow” are both sentimental and self-explanatory. Those three alone would make a pretty impressive EP.
— Nick Murray, Greengrass Radio


Design by Sarah Lemmon.

Released November 10, 2011

1. Get Well Soon
2. Ursa
3. Goodnight, Moonlight
4. Blue Flowers
5. Don't Tell Me Riddles
6. Ghostly Yearning
7. Fragile Bones
8. Cement
9. Wild Fig Tree

All songs written by Alex Vissia.

...the cryptic A Lot Less Gold, is the sort of album that rewards multiple listens. Readily accessible yet slow to surrender its secrets, the record offers ample opportunities for exploration — and some old fashioned rock & roll.
— Alex J. MacPherson, Verb News