INTERVIEW: CKDU 88.1 FM at Dalhousie University

This afternoon I joined Andrew Jackson for "The Outer Edge" on CKDU 88.1 FM (Dalhousie University, Halifax). We talk Place Holder, tour, Hurry Hard Records, songs, writing, and more.

Check out the interview here:
Part 1: (starts at 10:00)
Part 2:

 Photo: Andrew Jackson

Photo: Andrew Jackson

Place Holder Pre-Sale – Available Now!

I am so so thrilled to announce that the Place Holder pre-sale is now available.

Packages for CD and vinyl are available – including limited edition 180g gold vinyl! I did the layout and design for the album myself, and the vinyl artwork includes hand-written lyrics.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project – including all who have ordered copies. I appreciate you're time, energy, enthusiasm and support very much. 

xoxo – VISSIA

Review: Artist Direct "... an old soul who bleeds blues."

Review: Artist Direct "... an old soul who bleeds blues."

"Those of you who are fans of Alabama Shakes, or just good ole rock 'n' roll from a powerful female songwriter, might very well come to love VISSIA... The EP stands as a strong product on its own. In only three tracks, the Canadian folk rocker is able capture the complex interactions between individuals while showcasing her powerful voice. VISSIA might be a new name, but she is an old soul who bleeds blues."

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You Should Be Sleeping - EP: Stream Now at Live in Limbo!

My You Should Be Sleeping - EP is now streaming at Live in Limbo! Head on over to listen to three new songs: "You Don't Know Her," "You Should Be Sleeping," and "Mountaineer." There is also a short write-up I put together about it. 

I want to thank my very best pals for being part of the project: Emily Bachynski (engineer, co-producer, backing vocals), Andrea Vissia (backing vocals), Nich Davies (drums), Kurtis Cockerill (bass), and Brayden Treble (lead guitar). Thank you for your time, patience, creative input, enthusiasm, and ultimate friendship. I think we made something good here.

Thank you to Sam Kassirer for doing a killer job of mixing the songs, and Philip Shaw Bova for mastering.

Photo from a wild summer time in 2016 at Sasquatch Gathering just west of Edmonton, Alberta. Glitter – and possibly the photo - courtesy of the one and only Stephanie Davreux.