Gig City Announces 7 Top YEG Bands of 2017

Thank you so much to Gig City for including me in this list! Very honoured to be here alongside Wares, Faith Healer, The Velveteins, Royal Foundry, Medical Pilot, and Lacho Drom. 

"Alex Vissia, who now calls her musical project by one name, had an incredible year. Not only did she release a killer album – Place Holder – which placed her in the top tier of the city’s folk-rock spheres, but she started a music label at the same time – Hurry Hard Records, with partner Nich Davies. Her music, propelled by her incredible guitar work as much as her voice and lyrics, is at once not only folk-rock, but heavily indebted to Americana, as well as other more subtle influences, including jazz and country."

Alex Vissia