You Should Be Sleeping - EP: Stream Now at Live in Limbo!

My You Should Be Sleeping - EP is now streaming at Live in Limbo! Head on over to listen to three new songs: "You Don't Know Her," "You Should Be Sleeping," and "Mountaineer." There is also a short write-up I put together about it. 

I want to thank my very best pals for being part of the project: Emily Bachynski (engineer, co-producer, backing vocals), Andrea Vissia (backing vocals), Nich Davies (drums), Kurtis Cockerill (bass), and Brayden Treble (lead guitar). Thank you for your time, patience, creative input, enthusiasm, and ultimate friendship. I think we made something good here.

Thank you to Sam Kassirer for doing a killer job of mixing the songs, and Philip Shaw Bova for mastering.

Photo from a wild summer time in 2016 at Sasquatch Gathering just west of Edmonton, Alberta. Glitter – and possibly the photo - courtesy of the one and only Stephanie Davreux.